Listening to Thirteen is like walking through a raspberry patch: the sultry flutter of sun and shadow through the leaves, the flash of blood-red berries, the sudden snag of thorns. Sweet. Captivating. A little dangerous. There's no using it as background music; it pulls your attention away from anything else. But it's worth every minute you devote to listening to it. Most highly recommended.
- Elizabeth Barrette

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The Moon is Mine
by Michelle Dockrey

Silent and silver she guides the night's footsteps
Sun's passion tempered to warmth in her eyes
Even Winter remembers there's fire in her shine
I am Summer, the Moon is mine

Vessels adrift can be tossed by the storm clouds
But she and her family will always be wise
And in ebb or in flower, her power is like wine
I am Water, the Moon is mine

Children of magic know nothing but wonder
Innocence lingers and joy never dies
Raise your face to the skies, and kind eyes will meet thine
I am Mother, the Moon is mine