The production of the whole [We Are Who We Are] album is very strong, it sounds beautiful all the way through. As usual, Tony's guitar work has that subtle complexity I've always enjoyed. Vixy is just amazing, I can't get over how powerful and expressive her voice is. And as good as synth patches are these days, there is nothing quite like the sound of real strings on a track. Sunnie and Betsy's musicianship adds so much to every song, and the mixing makes them shine. All of the guest musicians were great. Blake Hodgetts' piano just sparkles. Brian Richardson on drums and Chris Clark on bass were awesome.
- David Muzzy

Upcoming Shows
Sat Nov 10, Portland
Orycon 2018

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Vixy & Tony started when the founding members found filk; Tony at California filk and sci-fi conventions, and Vixy at house filks and conventions in Washington. If they'd both stayed home, they might never have met, but, being wandering souls, they met in the middle at Orycon in Portland, Oregon. After a couple of successive Orycons spent listening to one another, they came together by chance in concert at one fateful Baycon in 2005 ("wanna sing with me?" "sure, why not?") and have been performing together ever since.

Singer and songwriter Vixy is formerly of the filk group Escape Key, originally formed with her husband Matthew on guitar and their friend Audrey Eschright on flute. Their 2001 album, Shadowbeast, contains the Pegasus Award-winning song "The Girl That's Never Been".

As luck would have it, just as Matthew decided to quit guitar in order to spend more time on mad science and wilderness adventures, Tony relocated to Seattle. He brought with him a guitar, a golden ear, and a dream of producing an album, and Vixy & Tony was born. The first tangible result of this union, Thirteen, was released in April 2008, and was met with glowing reviews, as well as another Pegasus for the song "Emerald Green". Thirteen also contains the long-awaited studio rendition of the popular Firefly anthem "Mal's Song", a brilliant blending of the TV show's theme song with new verses written by Vixy.

Over time, Vixy & Tony expanded into a quartet, joined by cellist Betsy Tinney and violinist Sunnie Larsen, though they are keeping the band name unchanged. Now, in addition to performing at filk and sci-fi conventions, Vixy & Tony, joined by Betsy and Sunnie, can be found playing at coffee shops, bookstores, and other venues in the Pacific Northwest. Together, the foursome released the album We Are Who We Are in 2016, with lush production that uses the string section to full effect, and its title track earned them another pegasus in 2017.

Their easygoing style, catchy songs, accessible lyrics, and energetic performances can be enjoyed by both sci-fi fans and mainstream music fans alike, all of which earned them the Best Performer Pegasus Award in 2008, and the Best Writer/Composer Pegasus Award in 2009.

Disguised by day as Michelle Dockrey*, mild-mannered officemouse, and Tony Fabris, mild-mannered codemonkey, they spend their evenings and weekends in a secret underground lair known as Monkey Brains Studios, plotting world domination through audio recording. Or playing Rock Band. Whichever.

You can contact them here.

  * Please note: There's a wonderful English actress named Michelle Dockery whose name is spelled slightly differently than Vixy's. Sometimes people get them mixed up, or accidentally type Vixy's name the way the actress' name is spelled, making Google searches, um, interesting. Please help us all by being eternally vigilant about spelling. Thanks!