Vixy is such a joy to watch in performance, not just because of her soaring, gorgeous voice, but because the love of what she's doing comes out in every expression and every movement. It's so lovely to watch. And Tony's guitar playing? Oh my.
- Allison Durno

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Likho's Lullabye

      Based on a traditional Russian lullabye, and on the novel Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente
      Additional lyrics & melody by Michelle Dockrey

Не ложися на краю
Придёт серенький волчок
Он ухватит за бочок
И утащит во лесок
Под ракитовый кусток

Sleep, my girl, and dream of home
Of lamps alight and hearth aflame
A china cup, a silver comb
An old grey wolf for you to tame
A rider come who knows your name

Баюшки-баю, Машенка
За тебя приду, Машенка
Don't you know the story that the babushki all spin?
You'll walk the groove into the world, you'll end where you begin
Only let the story in

Sleep, my girl, and dream of death
Of silver shadows sweet and cool
Of summer's fire and winter's breath
Between the devil and the fool
The only choice is who shall rule

Баюшки-баю, Машенка
За тебя приду, Машенка
There is always a Yelena, there is always an Ivan
Share your heart with gods and devils, share your secrets with a swan
Ах! The world you know is gone

Sleep, my girl, and dream of life
Of pretty maids and handsome birds
Of what it means to be a wife
Of battles hinged upon a word
Now hush, it's just the wind you heard